Great Honda Vehicles to Consider at Ciocca Honda

SUVs & Crossovers

Honda HR-V

This is a wonderful SUV to consider today for hitting the roads of Muncy with confidence. It stresses versatility with the sleek design on the interior and exterior with superior performance. There is a lot of space for long rides, and you will be accommodated with the latest technological advancements. An impressive, intelligent control system keeps you informed and helps you navigate in unknown locations.

Honda CR-V

If you're looking for a capable and innovative crossover, the Honda CR-V is for you. It features 212 horsepower and is a marvel of modern times. There is a good amount of cargo space, and this SUV will get you where you need to be with ease! The exterior design features beautifully sculpted lines that have been meticulously crafted for a beautiful finish. You will have sturdy 19-inch alloy wheels to get you anywhere reliably. The CR-V also comes with an available turbocharged engine that over-delivers and gives you a lot of power on the road.


Honda CR-V Hybrid

Get all that you love about the CR-V in the sleek CR-V Hybrid. This hybrid SUV from Honda can accomplish anything and has the right resources to keep drivers and passengers happy! You will find an advanced hybrid power train here along with an all-wheel drive that results in an exhilarating experience.

Honda Passport

This is your passport to adventure if you're into sports or other recreational activities. It comes equipped with all the right resources to help you thrive with a rugged style. You can endure the elements with this vehicle that was built to handle any driving conditions. It features an impressive horsepower of 280 with a V-6 engine that keeps you powered up. You can also benefit from the independent suspension and intelligent traction management system in place.

Honda Pilot

This is an exceptionally beautiful option with a very forthright appeal that is highly refined inside and out. It is an eye-popper that isn't afraid to dominate the road with style and versatility. There is spacious and comfortable seating that features an additional third row for transporting more people across various destinations. This model features a 9-speed automatic transmission with a specially crafted trim to suit your stylistic needs around Williamsport.

Cars & Sedans

Honda Accord

This is an excellent car to consider that gives you the best of both worlds of performance and efficiency. This is a modern and sophisticated sedan with style and innovation that is sure to turn heads. It's up to you which one you choose, and if you like fuel efficiency, then it might be a good idea to go with the hybrid model. The Honda Accord will have you feeling safe and equipped on the road. This vehicle gives you a truly modern look that competes with other luxury cars and makes you feel distinguished on the road. The exterior and interior both compliment each other nicely, and the engine is superb on both, so you can't go wrong!

Honda Accord Hybrid

It is highly sophisticated and gives you all the modern accessories needed to thrive, including a hybrid power train, power flow monitor, and the prestigious EV mode that gives you increased control. You will benefit greatly from increased fuel efficiency with the Accord, along with some gorgeous kinetic lines for style. The Accord Hybrid comes with all the features included in the Accord with added eco-friendly performance.

Honda Insight

This is truly a stylistic masterpiece that will keep you satisfied when it comes to aesthetic appeal and functionality as you commute from Bloomsburg to Danville, PA. There is a highly spacious cabin that gives you a more comfortable experience across longer trips. The front seats are heated with a convenient remote engine start to warm things up, so conditions are never blistering. There is an advanced power train that performs with a 55mpg rating in the city.

Honda Civic Sedan

This is a sleek car to consider from Honda that will keep you satisfied with a breathtaking design and functionality that leaves nothing to be desired. This model has a wider and lower frame, giving you increased visibility on the road for a more comfortable driving experience. It is specially crafted to be far more responsive and intuitive than others and features a sport-tuned suspension for increased control without fail! It features a 180-horsepower turbocharged engine that will propel you to excellence!

Mini Van & Truck

Honda Odyssey

Honda's premier minivan returns with more innovation and versatility than every before. The newly redesigned Honda Odyssey is back with cutting-edge features drivers and passengers alike will enjoy. With ample seating and one of the leading fuel efficiencies in its class, the new Honda Odyssey is ready for any adventure you have in mind.

Honda Ridgeline

If you're looking for a rugged midsize pickup truck, Honda has you covered. The new Honda Ridgeline is here with the power and capability you need to conquer the highways and byways. This best-selling truck has an impressive towing capacity and more than enough cargo space to haul any load. Whether you're towing your boat or heading off-road for the weekend, the new Ridgeline can tackle any task.